dongfang turbine co.,ltd.-pg电子试玩入口

main parameter
  • high temperature and high pressure
  • high temperature and ultra-high pressure
product type
  • condensing,air-cooled,extraction condensing
output range
  • 25mw-110mw
coal-fired power plant steam turbine
our product provides power for both production and operation process. it is money saving to satisfy heat and electricity demands at the same time.
our experiences of successful projects
  • year 2010
    india df power system project 80 mw steam turbine
    indonesia batam tjk coal-fired power plant 65mw steam turbine
  • year 2011
    indonesia riau coal-fired power plant 110mw steam turbine
  • year 2014
    indonesia muara jawa coal-fired power plant 33mw steam turbine
    indonesia mamuju coal-fired power plant 30mw steam turbine
  • year 2015
    indonesia kendari phase3 coal-fired power plant 50mw steam turbine
  • year 2018
    indonesia sulbagut-1 coal-fired power plant 60mw steam turbine