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endeavour to be the leader of industrial steam turbine
in recent years, dongfang turbine co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as dtc), who is aiming at the forefront of the industry, promoting industrial restructure, and developing emerging industry, has seized the opportunity of industry and developed rapidly. up to now, industrial turbine division has reached a new high situation, with an order form above rmb 3 billion, more than 300 product models, technology combination of impulse and reaction, advanced research and development platform, and high per capita output, just like a runner heading to the first-class destination.
single reheat steam turbine
on january 1, 2019, the world most efficient 100mw steam turbine was successfully launched in qian'an jiujiang wire co., ltd. it marks the successful development of the third generation of dtc small-sized reheat turbine, using in the steel industry gas recovery power generation. there have been 5 sets of 100mw subcritical reheat turbine generators have been put into service.
based on the fourth generation of current flow path design platform, industrial turbine division has applied reaction technology to steam turbine below 100mw, of which raises the efficiency of small-sized reheat units to a new level. so far, the full range of industrial turbine series are 52 sets, achieving power output from 25 to 135mw, and covering types such as air cooled, water cooled, high back pressure, industrial extraction, etc.

solar-thermal steam turbine
on october 10, 2018, the successful operation of the sino-guangzhou nuclear deringha project was reported. it is the first commercial solar thermal demonstration project in china, and with turbine supplied by dtc industrial turbine division. 
solar thermal power generation demands highest level of efficiency, reliability and flexibility, and which represents technology grade of industrial turbines. the success of the deringha project has proved the cutting-edge technology of dtc in industrial turbine design and manufacturing in china and abroad, who has shared 50% chinese market on solar thermal turbines so far.

biomass power steam turbine
in the field of biomass power generation, after several years of continuous research and development, dtc has completed products models and started to customize. on august 14, 2019, dtc latest generation of 30mw biomass turbine generator has been put into service in in guangda green guoyang biomass cogeneration project. it has earned the praise from the owner by its excellent performance.
four categories of biomass turbines have been developed so far: reheat, condensing, extraction condensing and back pressure, with 22 models in total, and power output from 7mwto80mw.meantime, these units have advantages in stability, efficiency, fast start and stop and rapid peak adjustment.

cogeneration steam turbine
on september 23, 2019, industrial turbine division won a bid of 4×50mw extraction back pressure turbines in the project of shaanxi coal group yulin chemical co., ltd. it is another step forward to the chemical industry for cogeneration turbines.
the cogeneration unit is the traditional advantage model for dtc industrial turbine division, nevertheless, the performance is still aimed to be improved in recent years, and even a number of high-tech special units have been created to set an industry benchmark. up to now, there have been more than 50 models in the cogeneration industry, which widely used in chemical, steel, paper, regional heating fields.

with the belt and road policy, the export projects have also ushered in rapid development. turbines have been exported from boiler feed pump turbines and small-sized coal-fired turbines in the old days, into small reheat turbines, waste heat (gas) turbines, garbage turbines and cogeneration turbines. exported destinations cover countries such as malaysia, vietnam, indonesia, thailand, brunei, pakistan, kenya, belarus, etc.