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the world highest parameter reheat turbine launched in garbage power generation
on november 7, 2019, two garbage power generation turbines, designed and manufactured by dongfang turbine co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as dtc), were successfully connected and fully loaded in suzhou phase 4 project, developed by everbright environmental energy (suzhou) co., ltd. these are reheating model with highest parameters around the world, and that marks another solid step forward in premium garbage generator equipments.
suzhou phase 4 project is the second project using reheat technology in garbage power generation in china, and the first is jiangyin phase 3 project, developed by everbright environmental energy (jiangyin) co., ltd. the first project is also a garbage power generation plant and served by steam turbine from dtc, with parameters as medium-temperature and intermediate high pressure. ultra-high pressure design scheme is adopted in suzhou phase 4 project, and its efficiency becomes huge leap forward.
during the whole process of development, departments from industrial turbine division of dtc, such as product technology, project management, procurement, manufacture, and after sales service, have cooperated actively to overcome difficulties and ensure project delivery. meanwhile, based on the latest flow path design platform, requirements of high economy, high reliability and high flexibility are fully met.
at present, dtc is the only turbine manufacturer with operating performances in reheat garbage power generation in china. it also marks that dtc becomes the only manufacturer with full range, full parameter and full type products in this field.

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everbright environmental energy (suzhou) co., ltd. is a flagship industrial investment company of everbright international, specializing in waste disposal and by-products comprehensive use. suzhou waste incineration power plant tender renovation project, with a total investment of rmb 3.32 billion, of which total scale of domestic waste disposal is 6850 tons/day. the first phase is equipped with three waste incineration furnaces with capacity of 750 tons/day, corresponding supported by 3 sets of medium temperature ultra-high pressure reheat boilers and 2 sets of n40-12.6/425/405 medium temperature ultra-high pressure, non-adjusted steam, condensing and reheat turbine generators, operating under header system. when the project fully completed, it is expected to provide 871 million kwh of green electricity per year, with flue gas emissions fully superior to the eu 2010 standard.