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"china core" replaces "imported core" ---- dongfang electric leads steam turbine flow path retrofit in china.

in december 2019, the technical exchange conference of huaneng dezhou unit 5 700mw steam turbine retrofitting project’s achievements and dongfang electric’s comprehensive energy conservation and efficiency improvement technology was held in dezhou city, shandong province. representatives from more than 40 institutions including 32 power plants and many other scientific research institutes in the country gathered at huaneng dezhou power plant and witnessed the extraordinary achievements of the 700mw steam turbine retrofit project.

steam turbine unit 5 of huaneng dezhou power plant is a subcritical, tandem, four-casing, quadruple exhaust, one intermediate reheat condensing steam turbine produced by general electric. the success of this retrofit project symbolizes that dec has made a significant breakthrough in its steam turbine retrofit business.