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dongfang turbine company r&d 350mw supercritical combined heat and power generation unit, best in china and leading in the world

 recently, the new generation of 350mw supercritical combined heat and power generation(chp) unit produced by well-known dongfang turbine company(dtc) in china resource power(cr-power)yundong unit 1 has passed performance assessment tests. efficiency of turbine hp cylinder exceeds average level of similar units by more than 3.5%, while ip cylinder more than 1.5%, the best performance in china and leading in the world.

 attaching great importance to technological innovation, dtc has always been committing to independent research and development of more efficient power generation equipment, and has achieved a series of major innovations in recent years. relying on the new generation of 350mw supercritical combined heat and power generation unit of cr-power yundong project independently developed by dtc, key performance indexes such as efficiency and heat consumption have been greatly improved, indicating that dtc continues to maintain its dominant position in the field of 350mw supercritical steam turbines. successful development of the unit is of great significance to enhance dongfang electric's brand image and to help energy conservation and emission reduction in northern china.

 cr-power (cangzhou yundong) co., ltd. is a subsidiary of china resources power holdings co., ltd. north china region. in the phase 1 of the project, 2×350mw supercritical combined heat and power generation units will be constructed with an estimated annual power generation capacity of 3.5 billion kilowatts-hour, which can provide 14 million square meters of residential heating and 140 tons of industrial steam per hour. the project is an urban basic supporting project, a livelihood project, and an air pollution control project. it will provide a combined supply of power generation, industrial steam, civil heating and cooling. near zero emission of thermal power can really be achieved by this demonstration project with advanced construction plan of smoke elimination facilities (the first thermal power generation unit in hebei province).