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big news! the world's most advanced ultra-supercritical furnace gas-fired steam turbine successfully achieves full-load operation

    at 19:37 on may 30, the world's most advanced 145mw ultra-supercritical gas-fired steam turbine developed by dongfang turbine co., ltd. - the no. #7 unit of the shenglong metallurgical industry upgrade project of china city environment protection engineering limited company (short for ccepc) - successfully realized 145mw running at full load. the unit operates stably with excellent indicators. the vibration index and economic index of the unit are the best among similar units in china, reaching the world's leading level.

    unit #7 of the shenglong metallurgical industry upgrade project, the general contractor of ccepc, is an ultra-supercritical, single-reheat, dual-cylinder, dual-rotor, condensing steam turbine designed and manufactured by dongfang turbine based on independent intellectual property rights. the steam inlet parameters reached 24.2mpa and 600℃, starting a new era of ultra-supercritical gas generator set below 150mw class. the unit adopts a series of advanced technologies such as ip-lp welded rotors, lp flow downstream arrangement, and the fourth-generation advanced aerodynamic design of the dtc, which improves the reliability, economy and flexibility of the unit to a world-leading level. during the manufacturing process of the unit, we adhere to the quality policy of "abiding by the rules and regulations, doing it right at the first time, striving for perfection, and customer satisfaction", creating high-quality projects, and effectively shortening the on-site installation period cycle. during the start-up process of the unit, it only took less than 1 hour from the cold state to rated speed with only once trial, which fully demonstrates the excellent product performance and quality of the dongfang’s product. with full load, the vibration of each bearing pad is less than 10 microns, breaking the operation record of similar units.

    the smooth commissioning of the unit marks that it enters the "ultra-supercritical era" of furnace gas power generation, which is made history by dongfang turbine and ccepc hand by hand. the bilateral cooperation between dongfang turbine co., ltd. and ccepc began in 2010. over the years, they have jointly promoted furnace gas-fired power generation from high p&t parameters to high t& ultra-high p parameters, then to ultra-high t & p parameters, and then to subcritical parameters, until now ultra-supercritical parameters.  with the joint efforts of both parties, the low heat value (lhv) furnace gas power generation technology in china’s metallurgical industry has been greatly improved, leading the low-carbon transformation of the iron and steel metallurgical industry. after the 145mw unit is put into operation, the power generation capacity will reach 1.06 billion kwh, direct economic benefit reaches 75 million us dollars and the carbon dioxide emission is reduced by 850,000 tons, per year respectively, which is a solid step towards low-carbon metallurgy.

    in the field of iron and steel metallurgy, dongfang turbine is the steam turbine manufacturer with the most operation references equipped with diverse turbine types, and gains the best reputation in china. shenglong no. #7 was successfully put into operation, further enriching the references of dtc’s iron and steel metallurgy field, bringing customers with more advanced and efficient solution. at present, dtc is able to provide integrated solutions of multi working medium coupling utilization for various kinds of exhaust heat resource including blast furnace gas utilization, coke oven gas utilization, sintering waste heat utilization, coke dry quenching waste heat utilization, slag flushing water waste heat, etc. in the field of iron and steel metallurgy, which effectively reduces the energy consumption level of metallurgical enterprises.
the successful commissioning of shenglong no. #7 unit is an important achievement of dongfang turbine's in-depth implementation of dec's "11256" development strategy and dtc's "11486" development strategy. dongfang turbine will continue to build a beautiful new dtc, and strive to achieve high-quality, first-class and endeavor in dtc with beauty, good political ecology and nice environment & image, to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction in industrial processes, and make positive contribution to the realization of china's dual-carbon goal!

written by: 段艳雄 钟旭鸿
edited by: 杨玺
translated and checked by: hassan, yi wan, yuanjian xiong